[web.py] Getting familiar with web.py framework

My project recently has come up with the requirement to implement a gateway for mobile app. What we already have had is actually a great back-end service for doing “big things”. We have adopted Twisted framework for these big jobs, but I need something simple enough and must be portable to run on different platform without any significant trouble.

So I decide to abandon Twisted to move to the web.py framework ,which I consider to be simple enough in idea and function. And the most important thing is that it’s still very “python”, enough for me to bring it to different convenient platform like cloud-services ( Google AppEngine .. etc).

I found it rather simple to learn about this new framework, but to make it more memorable, I decided to blog my learning process so that I can return to this later, maybe I will forget to read about something important which I don’t already know about this framework.

Let’s get started !!!!

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