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Trying to install MAC OSX on my new PC

This post is for logging my process of installing Moutain Lion on my new PC. Just start reading things, but I will try to record every single steps of this process. Maybe somebody or some of my friends gonna need it later.

First of all, the following is some basic information about my system.

CPU – Intel Core i3 2120.

Mainboard – Gigabye B75M-D3H , Chipset Sandy Bridge

Memory – DDR3 – Corsair  1x4GB

HDD Sata3 Seagate 500 GB

Current status: I’m reading about Chameleon, by Voodoo team, our great heroes in MACOSX86 world !!!!

First thing I was doing is to try install Hackintos on Virtualbox to use Disk Utility in Mac, so that I can create a bootable disk

on my USB stick for installing.

But, the fucking .dmg file had no way to convert into .iso file. I have tried so many ways to convert .dmg file into .iso file, but it’s no use. Fuck that >”<

I’m gonna do some searching for a already-install virtualbox disk image, then just atttach it to my Virtualbox. So messy now.