How to install .tar.gz package in Ubuntu.

Recently, some of my friends try Ubuntu, when they have trouble with Linux package types, they came to me for answer, so I write this as a tut for giving them in case some of them want to ask. ( dear my friends, this is for you).

Step 1 : Try to extract your compressed package with tar utility.

$ tar -zxvf package.tar.gz

With -zxfv is options

  • -z means type of zip , –gzip , –gunzip, –ungzip
  • -f means file archive.
  • -v means verbose 
  • x means –extract

Sterp 2: navigate to extracte folder, using following 3 commands to install package into system

# ./configure
# make
# make install


  • ./configure : make sure your system has already had enough dependencies.
  • make commands will help you compile script/source code into executable binary files.
  • make install will run script(s) to install your executable files , create/copy/move them into proper location in system.

That’s it, enjoy linux, enjoy life 🙂 

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