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Beautiful graph for big-O notation :x


Try Linux Mint 12

My favourite Distro is Ubuntu ( why ? coz’ I start experiencing linux with it , and it has a huge community of supporters, not only in Vietnam but all over the world).
Recently, I has encountered some problem with Ubuntu when my hardware seems too old to be updated to new changes.
I try something new, light-weight but familiar, and Linux Mint 12 ( with GNOME 3 DE ) is my choice. My first impression was ‘Wow’, it looks very nice, clear and bright ( with light-green as main-color-theme).

After the first day, the problems I found from this distro are:
#1 – The lock-screen function does not work properly, sometimes when I was reading a book, so I did not touch the mouse or the keyboard, then I can ‘contact’ with system anymore. The only way out was pressing the power-off button.
#2 – The dialog of file-operation ( copy, move , etc ) was hidden. When I has a lot of windows ( or frames) opened in screen, you are easy lost in them, what would you do to find one of them, or by pressing Super-key or trying combination of Alt+Tab ? Both of these ways would not show the file-operation dialog ! just by minimizing all current windows that would help you find out it .

Will be back with other experiences , soon …