Monthly Archives: November 2011

Create a very simple tool to mirror http site

Hello , welcome to my blog.

and you will find no surprise here , because all things I’m writing here you could have known.

So let see what do I have !

OK , the first thing I want to share is how to make an download tool with Wget ( which is called “the magic”  in film The Social Network 2010).

Try this script :

wget -r -A “<you pattern here>”  <URI of the targeted site>

Here we go , for example , I found some interesting wallpapers about hackers from this site : and the bad thing here is there are so much images to view , while I’m having a limited bandwidth connection from my dorm, but no limit in access time, I decide to download them all.

I try : wget -r -A “*.jpg”

And here we go , I got them all , just a small script in python to traverse recursively through the downloaded folder and find out which is images , then group them into a new folder , then we have a … dinner LOL

Thanks for reading, see you next time.